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Things You Need to Know before Taking Pilates

What to Wear

We recommend wearing breathable, comfortable clothing. Long hair should be tied back and dangling accessories removed for safety. PowerHaus Pilates requires grip socks to be worn in class. These are available for purchase at the studio.

What to Say

Your instructor will ask you about any past injuries, sensitive areas, or conditions that might need modifications. Be honest and direct! If a movement is painful, it's fine not to do it or to do a modified position while your body gets used to Pilates.

What to Expect

Each of our class takes 50 mins and you may cancel your class up to 6 hours before the class begins. If cancellation has made least then 6 hours, the session will be counted into your session package.

When to Arrive

Please arrive 10 minutes early and finish getting ready. Please note that a 15-minute delay is acceptable. However, if the delay time has elapsed, you will be unable to join the class and the session for that day will counted. As we value everyone's privacy and time, we recommend that you arrive on time to class.

Training Rules & Regulations

  1. Term of Use

    • One session is 50 minutes.

    • It is necessary to use all registered classes within the deadline (e.g. if you have registered for 12 Private Classes, you must use the entitlement within 3 months).

    • The valid date of usage starts from the first class.

    • In the case of group classes, if any class has fewer than two participants, the studio reserves the right to cancel or reschedule that class. This is subject to the discretion of the studio.

  2. Extension of Term of Use

    • It is possible to request an extension of the usage period without any additional charge, provided that the studio is notified in advance and provided with evidence to confirm the reason for the extension.

    • However, if there is no notification for the extension, the studio will not allow the entitlement to be extended and no refund can be requested in any case.

  3. Refund Policy

    • The studio reserves the right to refuse any refund in all cases. If you have purchased any package with PowerHaus Pilates studio, you will not be able to request a refund.**

  4. Transfer of Entitlement

    • You cannot transfer the class entitlement to anyone else in any case.* All rights are with the original purchaser. 

  5. Others

    • There may be changes in instructors depending on the situation of the studio.

Member Guidelines

  1. Class Booking and Cancellation

    • If you wish to change or cancel a class booking, please notify us at least 6 hours in advance. You will not be able to cancel or change your booking for the following day.

    • If you cancel or change your booking on the day of the class, it will be considered as a session attended (1 class deducted).

    • If you arrive late for a scheduled class, the training session will be conducted according to the remaining time of the appointment.

  2. Group classes are conducted according to the schedule set with others, so please be punctual.

  3. For members with health issues, please request a letter of health information, including precautions or recommendations during exercise, from a physician before starting the training. Please inform the instructor.

  4. In the event of any changes to your health information, please inform the instructor immediately.

  5. We recommend that you consult a halth professional before starting training to check your current physical condition. 

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Opening Hours

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Sat - Sun

8:00 am – 3:00 pm

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